Mrs Smith’s Maths Homework – 4th May 2018

The children have learned about measuring and drawing angles/lines this week. Now they have developed more fluency in this, the homework is to use their knowledge in problem solving.


Homework is to copy the problems into their maths books and solve them:

1) Which angle is the odd one out? Explain your choice.

180 degrees           45 degrees          79 degrees                 270 degrees

Could another angle be the odd one out for a different reason?


2) Label each statement with always, sometimes, never.

*If I turn from North East to North West it will be 180˚

*If I turn from East to North West it will be an obtuse angle.

*If I turn from South West to South my turn will be larger than 350˚


3) Write your own always, sometimes, never statements about angles.


Homework due date: Wednesday 9th May 2018