Year 3

Week 12 13th July

13.7.20 Year 3 Week 12


Additional L2 -add-and-subtract-capacity

Additional L3 & L4 statistic activity answers

Additional L3 & L4 Statistic activity booklet

Chilli Challenge - Measurement

Chilli Challenge Answers measurements

Lesson 1 - Compare capacity

Lesson 1 Answers - Compare capacity

Lesson 3 Answers - Pictograms

Lesson 3 - Pictograms

Lesson 2 Answers - Add and subtract capacity

Lesson 2 - Add and subtract capacity

Lesson 4 - Bar charts

Lesson 4 Answers - Bar charts



Light and Dark Mindfulness Colouring


Spelling Activity 1 Look, cover, say, write, check

Summer 2 - spellings

Summer 2- common exception words

Sports Day at home

Sports Day Certificates

Topic - Science

Lesson 1- Light and reflection introduction

Lesson 1 Light Sources Option 2

Lesson 2 Sun Safety introduction

Lesson 3 Shadows Introduction

Lesson 3 worksheet pencil and torch



Week 11 6th July

6.7.20 Year 3 Week 11


Additional L1 Measure Mass - reading scales

Additional L2 & L3 Compare the Fruit

Additional L4 reading-scales-in-litres-and-millilitres

Lesson 1 - Measure mass (2)

Lesson 1 Answers - Measure mass (2)

Lesson 2 - Compare mass

Lesson 2 Answers - Compare mass

Lesson 3 - Add and subtract mass

Lesson 3 Answers - Add and subtract mass

Lesson 4 - Measure capacity (2)

Lesson 4 Answers - Measure capacity (2)


Optional Activity - Matching Cards

Topic - D&T

D&T Starter Activity - Matching Game

Designing and Making a Soup Booklet


Week 10 29th June

29.6.20 Year 3 Week 10


Lesson 1 Telling-the-time-to-5-minutes

Lesson 1 Telling-the-time-to-5-minutes Answers

Lesson 2 - Hours, Days, Months & Years

Lesson 2 Blank Clock Face Sheet part 1

Lesson 2 Blank Clock Face Sheet part 2

Lesson 2 Teaching introduction - time to the minute

Lesson 2 Telling the time to the minute part 1

Lesson 2 Telling time to the minute part 2

Lesson 3 - Using-am-and-pm answers

Lesson 3 - Using-am-and-pm

Lesson 3 starter - Measuring-Time-in-Seconds

Lesson 4 - 24-hour-clock

Lesson 4- 24-hour-clock answers

Lesson 5 - Start-and-end-times answers

Lesson 5 - Start-and-end-times

Lesson 5 - Teaching Introduction Start and End Times

Lesson 5 Starter - Finding duration and comparing duration


Spelling Activity 1

Spelling Activity 2

Topic - History

Lesson 1 Boudicca and the Revolt of the Iceni Tribe - storyboards

Lesson 2 Roman Food Introduction

Lesson 3 Roman Banquet menu blank

Lesson 3 Roman banquets

Optional roman-banquet-activity


Week 9 22nd June

22.6.20 Year 3 Week 9


History Lesson 1 Hadrian's Wall quiz cards

History Lesson 1 Introduction Hadrian's Wall

History Lesson 2 Roman Soldier


Maths Lesson 3 Answers Recognise-and-describe-3D-shapes

Maths Lesson 3 Recognise-and-describe-3D-shapes


Spelling Activity 2 ou word picture match

Spelling Optional Activity


Week 8 15th June

15.6.20 Year 3 Week 8

RE Activity 1 & 2

Spellings- Word and picture match


History Lesson 1- Activity 1 Months the year match up

History Lesson 1 Activity 2 Latin to English translation

History Lesson 1 Extra task Roman Place Names

History Lesson 1 Extra Task Roman-Numerals-Clock

History Lesson 1 -Option 1 Task - Roman-Numerals-Matching-Game

History Lesson 1 Roman Numerals, Legacy & language

History Lesson 2 - Roman Baths Extra Task

History Lesson 2 Roman baths

History Lesson 2- Roman Baths Match the Picture


Week 7 8th June

8.6.20 Year 3 Week 7

History - Romans

Lesson 1 - The Roman Invasion Activity 1

Lesson 1 - The Roman Invasion Activity 2

Lesson 1 - The Roman Invasions of Britain introduction

Lesson 2 - Roman Roads Introduction

Lesson 2 Optional activity Blank Map of Britain

Lesson 2 Roman Roads Option 2 label the roman road activity


Spelling Activity 1 word and definition match

Spelling Activity 2 Word and picture match

Spelling optional activity. Word Search


Week 6 1st June

1.6.20 Year 3 Week 6

Spelling - plural or possessive apostrophe game


4 and 8 times table board games


8-times-table starter










Other Reading activity 2

Reading - one star text, questions and answers

Reading - three star text, questions and answers

Reading - two star text, questions and answers

Reading & Persuasive Devices powerpoint

Titles reading text questions and answers

Topic - Sculpture

ART Sculpture


Writing - Persuasive Devices

Writing - Persuasive Letter Examples

Writing - Persuasive Letter Writing Introduction

Writing - Persuasive Letter Writing Word Bank

Writing - Planning Persuasive Letter Template



Week 5 18th May

18.5.20 Year 3 Week 5

Spelling Activity 1 Look, cover, say, write, check


Geography Activity 3

Geography Arctic and Antarctic Circle introduction and tasks

Geography Extra Activity Quiz

Geography Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn Introduction


Maths - 3-Times-Table Board-Game

Maths - adding-and-subtracting-money-challenge-cards

Maths - Converting money


Reading - Other activity 1

Reading - Other activity 2

Reading powerpoint

Reading text and main activity hard

Reading text and main activity harder

Reading text and main activity hardest


Writing - Planning a letter guidance


Week 4 11th May

11.5.20 Year 3 Week 4


Geography CHALLENGE Latitude and Longitude Easter Trail

Geography Lesson 1 Hemispheres and Equator

Geography Lesson 1 Introduction and Hemispheres and Equator task intro

Geography Lesson 2 Activity 2 Where would you be in the world


Maths Hard adding-and-subtracting-fractions-with shapes

Maths Harder and Hardest adding-and-subtracting-fractions pyramids


Hard reading text

Harder reading text

Hardest reading text

Reading Other Activity 1 Hard Answers

Reading Other Activity 1 Hard questions

Reading Other Activity 1 Harder Answers

Reading Other Activity 1 Harder questions

Reading Other Activity 1 Hardest Answers

Reading Other Activity 1 Hardest questions

Reading powerpoint


Spelling Activity 1 Hard

Spelling Activity 1 Harder

Spelling Activity 1 Hardest

Spelling Activity 2

Y3 Spellings Summer Term


SPaG - Using-Different-Types-of-Conjunctions

Writing Guide

Writing Hard - non-chronological-report-writing-template

Writing Harder - planning sheet and writing templates

Writing Non-Chronological-Report-Checklist



Week 3 4th May 

4.5.20 Year 3 Week 3


Geography Introduction 4 figure Grid References

Geography Task 1 option 1 map-symbol cut and stick

Geography Task 2 four figure grid references

Geography Task challenge symbols game


Maths comparing-and-ordering-fractions

Maths equivalent fractions matchup


PE warm up 2 and 3 step instructions


Healthy and Unhealthy Sorting Activity

Plan a Healthy Meal


Hard Reading text & questions

Harder Reading text & questions

Hardest Reading text & questions

Reading hard main task

Reading harder main task

Reading PowerPoint


Spelling Activity 1 - question cards

Spelling Activity 2 - add the prefix


Week 2 27th April

27.4.20 Year 3 Week 2

Geography Task 1 option 1 map-symbol cut and stick


Geography physical-and-human features intro

Geography task 1 option 1 physical-and-human-geography-sorting-activity


Lesson 2 and 3 - Fractions-Maze

Lesson 4 Fraction-of-an-Amount page 3

Lesson 4 revision Fraction-of-an-Amount PPT


PE warm up instructions


Extra Reading Activity King Arthur colouring comic

Reading Activity 1 example of the summarising hand

Reading Activity 2

Reading Activity 3 summarising wheel

Reading Questions hard

Reading questions harder

Reading questions hardest

Reading Starter Powerpoint

Reading Text King Arthur hard

Reading Text King Arthur harder

Reading Text King Arthur hardest


Extra Fun Conjunctions-Quiz

Hard and Harder Super Sentence Swaps Activity

Hard Colin's Co-ordinating Conjunction Activity

Hard subordinating conjunction Computer Malfunction Activity

Harder Cameron’s Conjunction Activity

Hardest Fairy Tale Sentences Activity

SPaG 1- Revise coordinating conjunctions

SPaG 2- Revise subordinating conjunctions

Writing - Adult Guide to Conjuctions

Writing activity - Comic Book Capers


Spelling Activity 1 super

Spelling Activity 2 super


Week 1  20th April

20.4.20 Summer Term Week 1


Spelling Activity 2 Homophone matching task

Handwriting Joins

SPaG Activity a an bingo

Writing Introduction to a and an


George and the Dragon Hard

George and the Dragon Harder

George and the Dragon Hardest

Reading Activity 1 example of the summarising hand

Reading Activity 2 summary Twinkl sheet

Reading Activity 3 summarising wheel

Saint Georges Day Information Powerpoint


Maths Extra Activity

Maths Lesson 1 extra activity Fractions-Loop-game

Maths Lesson 2 extra activity making-whole-fractions-game


Geography Activity 1

Geography Activity 2 Option 2

Geography Extra Activity


Year 3 French Home Revision