Weekly Newsletter


4th March 2019


School Lunches – Week 3

The cost of a school meal is cost £2.30.


The cost of meals for this half term commencing 25 February 2019 is £80.50.  The cost for children going on the Ski Trip is £69.


SEN Reviews this week.


For Year 5 children going to Aberdovey, if you are paying in instalments, a payment is due on Monday.  Please pay on ParentPay.



As you will no doubt be aware some very lucky Year 5 and 6 pupils left to go ski-ing in Crans Montana in Switzerland on Friday.  You can follow all their exciting adventures via the following link:



World Book Day – Thursday 7th March

We will be celebrating World Book Day in school on Thursday 7th March.  The School Council has requested that the children come to school dressed as one of their favourite book characters to help us raise money for some new Guided Reading books.  Please do not feel this has to be an expensive bought outfit as there are many characters that wear normal children’s clothes e.g. Danny the Champion of the World or Tracey Beaker.  School Council have suggested that a donation of £1 per child could be made.

To help encourage the children to widen their reading diet we are also going to hold a book swap on that day.  We would like each child to bring in a book that they have already read, which is still in a good condition, that they would be happy to swap. This book should be appropriate to their own age range.  During the day the children will have a chance to pick a new book to bring home with them.

Music Tuition

Music tuition fees were due 1st October.  Fees are £82.

Please ensure these are paid either on Parentpay, or if you would prefer via the school office.


Please remember if you wish to cancel your child’s music tuition at any time you need to give us a half terms’ notice.


Music Timetable

Wednesday – Cello, Guitar, Brass and Percussion

Thursday – Violin and Woodwind

Friday - Keyboard


Known Teacher Training Days

Monday 3rd June 2019 – Please note new date

Monday 22nd July 2019




This weeks tip of the week....


Clickbait and Fake News is content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to click on a link to a particular web page, video, picture or other form of media.  Often what you see isn’t actually real or true but is designed to trick you, particularly youngsters into thinking its real or true.


You may see things suggesting something will happen if you share or don’t share some online content, such as receiving good fortune if you share a post, that you may win a prize if you comment, tag someone and share it.  Sometimes the suggested outcomes are nice things, sometimes they’re not so nice.  The real outcome however, is usually the same, it just won’t happen!


Sharing content gives the originators publicity, access to the people you share it with and gives them coverage nationally and internationally.


It’s important to encourage conversation about internet use.  Talk regularly about the things that, as a family you are doing and looking at when online.  There will be times when children see inappropriate content, but if they are happy to discuss this with adults then they will be happier and you can help to keep them safe.


Understand what apps are being used, how they’re being used and what they do.  Try them out yourself first before installing on devices children have access to.  Set parental controls, either in apps, in device settings, through your Internet Service Provider or a combination of them all to get it right for you and your family.


Report and Block any sites or accounts that may find their way through your parental controls that are sharing content. Parental controls help, but are never 100% accurate as fraudsters attempt to work around them.  It's important to monitor and encourage conversations about whats real and not real.


Be Share-Aware!  Before sharing content, ask yourself,

  • Is it genuine? Is it real or is it fake?
  • Is it from a reliable source?
  • will it cause upset, hurt or harm if I share it?
  • Do I need to share it?