At Coppice we aim to give all our children a broad and balanced curriculum.

We currently follow the National Curriculum to form the basis of our whole school curriculum. From that, we then plan a creative curriculum to deliver each aspect in a personalised and engaging way. This often means subjects are taught through a theme, where meaningful cross curricular links are made. Themes are varied to excite and inspire, drawing where possible from the children's interests.

We believe that children learn best through a wide variety of experiences so when planning teachers look for ways to incorporate: practical hands-on activities, visitors, the outdoor environment, visits, the local community, meaningful end products and a range of technology.

The Religious Education curriculum is taken from the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus.

Reception classes follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework focusing on the seven areas of learning and development. These include: communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.

At Coppice we follow the Government document 'Letters and Sounds' to teach phonics. Children engage in phonics sessions daily where they are taught letter sounds (phonemes), and their written representation (graphemes), tricky words and high frequency words. The children’s reading skills are further developed through our reading scheme (Collins Big Cat Phonics) which provides fully decodable reading books aligned to Letters and Sounds. The children also have access to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books, in the school libraries, to help foster independent choice and a love of reading.  A shared reading experience is also provided through a whole class text.

At Coppice we believe that it is our responsibility to enable children to become independent and confident with the skills necessary to become lifelong learners.  Therefore, alongside teaching our formal curriculum, we also give opportunities for the children to develop the BLP (Building Learning Power) skills of resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and relationships.

Through a comprehensive PSHE curriculum, we address the needs of pupils, taking into consideration local and national issues, ensuring that pupils develop the skills they need to cope in a range of challenging situations.

Teachers skilfully develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development across the curriculum supported by our focus on children’s rights through the UNICEF Rights Respecting Award.

The Relationship and Health Education curriculum is currently under consultation and will be based upon the Birmingham approach created by the city council.

For more information on the curriculum, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Latest Curriculum Topics for each of our year groups can be read below :