20th JANUARY 2020

School Lunches – Week 1

The current cost of a school meal is cost £2.35. The cost of meals for this half term is £70.50.

If you are changing your meal/sandwich patterns in 2020 please make sure you notify the office as soon as possible or you may find you are charged for meals not taken.

Milk is only available to Reception and Year 1 children. The cost is 23p per day, £1.15 per week or £6.90 for the whole half term.

Friday 3rd April (Please note changed from 1st June) and Monday 20th July are Teacher Training days. School is also closed on Friday 8th May which is the Bank Holiday. Monday 4th May is now a school day.

Monday 20th January

This is the big day for the auditions for Madagascar from 3.30 to 4.30.

Wednesday 22nd January

Reception are visiting Birmingham Think Tank Museum. The coach will leave school at 9.15 a.m and return in time for the end of the day. All the activities will take place indoors and pupils will need to wear school uniform for this trip. If you haven’t ordered a school packed lunch for your child please remember you will need to provide one from home.

Friday 24th January

9.00 a.m 3CS Class Assembly. Please can we request that if you are attending an assembly, a workshop etc that you wait outside the porch area. People congregating inside make it very difficult to see who is being let in and out of the main building and can quite quickly create a safeguarding issue.

Tip of the Week

Digital Footprints!

Everytime we post online, retweet or like a comment, Check In somewhere, tag a friend, like or follow a retailer, we are building and adding to our digital footprint. We are adding to a bank of online information all about us that others can use to build a portrait of our lives. Our likes and dislikes, our friends and family, our shopping habits, holiday destinations, hobbies and lifestyles. All of which is information that will be useful to others for targeted advertisements or possibly for something more sinister such as identity fraud.

As we post more about our families and our children, we begin to build and contribute to their digital footprints too. All the information we post will be online and in some cases may stay online forever.

Always think carefully about what you post online, what you share, who you follow and what you like. Check your privacy settings on social media sites regularly, app updates may introduce more settings or change existing settings, check what cookies websites leave behind on your devices as these can track your online movements. If you don't want anyone to see it or for it to be out there forever, it's best not to post it.