Development Plan

School Development Plan 2016/17

We have seen considerable success with academic achievement over the past few years with attainment of children at the end of Year 6 rising year on year. Last year saw the introduction of new SATs assessments and whilst it is not possible to compare with previous years, we are very pleased with the results our children achieved.

Achievement is measured through attainment and progress. Attainment is the actual levels that the children achieve, whilst progress measures how much improvement they have made in their levels since the end of Year 2. Achievement was deemed to be outstanding when Ofsted visited in 2015.

At the start of each year the Governing Body agree the School Development Plan that builds on what we have done well and develops areas where we can move forward.

Our Development Plan this year has these main targets:


Target 1 - Achievement of Pupils

This aims to ensure that all children not only attain high academic standards, but that they make excellent progress no matter what their starting point. This year we are focusing on how we monitor and assess interventions that are put in place for our children with special educational needs and disadvantaged children.


Target 2 – Quality of Teaching

This aims to ensure that the Quality of Teaching is consistently good or better across the school and that children know their next steps in learning. This year we are building on the introduction of the new assessment measures introduced last year and how we can continue to develop mastery and depth across the curriculum.


Target 3 – Children’s Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

This aims to ensure that there is a broad and balanced curriculum which encourages our children to become confident and independent learners who have a positive impact in the communities in which they live. This year we are focusing on reviewing the behaviour policy and developing our positive links with other schools.


Target 4 – Quality of Leadership and Management

This aims to ensure that Leadership and management at all levels demonstrate high and ambitious expectations for pupils and work together for improvement. This year we are looking at how we can improve communication to parents and considering our responses to ongoing educational changes within an ever increasingly difficult financial backdrop.


Target 5 – Early Years Foundation Stage

This aims to ensure that the provision in the early years is consistently good or outstanding. This year we are looking at potential changes to the assessment system and how we can support those children who struggle with their writing.


Some of our Success Stories

  • Outstanding Ofsted.
  • High and increasing attainment year on year.
  • Consistent high progress in all subjects year on year.
  • Outstanding attendance.
  • Significant numbers of children able to access a broad range of extra-curricular activities.
  • Investment in new reading, maths and ICT resources.
  • Recruitment and retention of excellent staff that support the ethos of the school.
  • Responsible and considerate children who want to help others through charitable giving.